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The true story of a stay at home mom.

I got my child support check today. I have been divorced for almost three years and this is the third one I have EVER received.It was for.drum roll please.....$146.00!

When I checked the mail, I had just gotten back from the grocery store where I spent $100.00 on our weekly groceries. This morning I sent my oldest DD with 20.00 for her school lunch account. My daycare costs that comes right out of my paycheck is $100.00 a week, oh and DD let me know she wants to play softball, another $70.00

So as you can see, the random checks he has sent, don't cover anything!  I have full custody of our daughters. In fact, he has not even made an effort to see them in almost a year! I have paid for every dr visit, every everything!!! Anytime I talk to him, he makes me feel bad that this money is coming out of his paycheck. He claims that him and girlfriend can't pay thier rent ,and  boo-hoo, blah, blah!


He is almost 30, and works part time at Mcdonalds!!! that 146.00 is half of his paycheck for two weeks!

I don't understand how he sleeps at night.

Thank God my husband is a wonderful father to both of my girls. I don't know where we would be without him.

 Oh, and I know that there is a cafe mom member who likes to copy and paste my posts and send them to my ex's girlfriend.

i just wanted to let you know, thats cool. Maybe after reading one, she will wise and and realize he will never change,.And she deserves alot better.



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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:54 AM

Wow, way to be the mature one! I can't believe someone is sending her your posts. Well, wait, we ARE talking about women, here. Nothing should surprise me.

Oh, and really, McDonalds? I worked there when I was 16. LOL. When I see adults working there, I always wonder....

Anyway, I'm glad you got at least a little something! 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:21 PM

Yeah, I'm sure it was a surprise... just a little extra that you hadn't anticipated. My ex was paying every week (it came directly out of his paycheck too) and then he switched jobs so I haven't gotten any in a couple of months. He can send the checks in manually, but he won't pay unless it comes out of his paycheck.

Last year, they took his entire tax return. He's already about $2000 behind from just this year. *sigh* I don't know why they can't just grow up and pay to help support thier kids. My ex complains every time I talk to him about his child support and I tell him that what he pays doesn't even cover her daycare. I wish he would realize how expensive it is to have a kid.

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Feb. 24, 2008 at 1:31 AM OUCH!!!!

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