Growing up my parents had best friends who often stood in as replacement parents for my sister and I.  Marcie and Dan.  And man were they fun!  They didn't have kids of their own so we kind of filled in as replacement kids too.  Marcie actually stood as a groomsman in my wedding in a tux!   Dan died last year which was hard.  They had been divorced since I was eighteen but I always thought of him as a good friend. 

One of the best memories of my childhood with him and Marcie were the stinky feet pancakes he would make us.  You want to impress a six year old?  Make them these for breakfast!  (Actually nowadays it probably takes more than that to impress one, like a game boy or ipod, but back then I was thrilled!)

So I have passed the tradition on to my kids who regularly beg for stinky feet for breakfast.  Sleep over friends are often worried at our breakfast table when they hear this but the steaming plates of stinky feet always win them over!  Anything that has to do with body functions or anything that could be considered gross is sure to please!

We sometimes eat them with jam between the "toes"....toe jam, get it?  Or with berry nails for my daughter who loves all things girly.  Just wanted to share a piece of my childhood and a memory of departed friend!

 It's not my shrimp bisque or chocolate gnache cake that impresses my kids...just a plate of stinky feet.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 12:36 AM I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!  MY KIDS WILL LOVE IT!   You're boy is so cute - he looks like he needs those chubby cheeks squished and kissed =). 

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