Okay, I am packed to the hilt in my makeup kit! I have brought everything and anything! Except...lashes.  I had some and the seal was broken so I think the integrity of them may be compromised, and no one likes pink eye.

 So.... in my area there isn't really a beauty warehouse to buy from...hence, please bring your own tomorrow and I will apply them.

 If I can get mine on in the morning I would love it,  I am bringing my son to the photoshoot.

Yea, right, like I need another photo of me. I am so excited to have a professional portrait taken of Noah and I! We haven't had them done together ( we always go to Penney's or that mean lady at Walmart) since he was a wee infant.

Also, if there is a certain celebrity look you love, from an album cover, magazine or movie, bring that photo if that is what you want created on you for your photo.

:)  It is going to be soooo much fun tomorrow!


if you still haven't made your appointment, call 928-565-7706

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