I cant complain about my life. I think I have a pretty decent life. I stay at home, my husband goes to work, and my daughter is a good girl, with occasional mishaps. Anyways I LOVE "my family", but then here comes my other family, sister, brother... The mistakes that they make sometimes make me angry and upset, and I can see how unjust they are being. Specially with my mom. She loves all of her children, and maybe that's her downfall, but to see her cry and stressed, worried, frustrated, and out of money!! I HATE THEM FOR IT. ITS NOT FAIR WHAT THEY DO, AND IF I COULD I WOULD TELL THEM TO GO TO HELL. Sorry, I cant help it, She is my mother and I love her too much, to allow this to continue. Its time for her to rest and have some peace and quite. She is living with us now, and I see all of the things that they have put her threw. Well i said enough is enough and I have had a talk with her, trust me making a parent stop helping her children is hard, but I made her reason. I told her that if she really loved them, she should let them go, both my sister and my brother. By the way, I'm the youngest, weird isn't it? I have learned from their mistakes and I want to help my mom instead of making her work harder then she already has. She is 56 yrs old and all her life she has worked for all of us to have what we needed and a good home. Anyways, I told her that the best way my siblings are going to learn a good lesson is by letting them deal with their own problems on their own. If we keep helping them its only going to be an ongoing cycle. They are going to think "its OK if it all goes wrong, my mom is there to help me anyways". NO,! think man, before you do anything: "what consequences will this decision come with?, will i be able to get out of it on my own?, do i have enough money to invest in this?".. etc. What if one day we don't have my mom, lets hope that never happens, but what if. Who will they turn to. NOT ME. I couldn't help them, I have my own family to worry about. I do hope my mom will take my advise, because at the end of the day she wont be in the middle of another problem that isn't hers. To all parents out there, please lets teach our children a bit of responsibility and some sense of good independence. We always want to let our children now that no matter what ,we are always there to help them, but what will you as a parent have to sacrifice if that is being abused?, Some problems have to be solved by them, specially if they had been warned about it. Trust me I wouldn't want any good parent to go threw what my mom is going threw. Well I hope I make sense and i hope no one is offended by what i have written.

Love you all


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:36 AM

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