A friend of mine has a home daycare/learning center and she wanted my suggestions on her website that she just created.  I gave her my suggestions, but would like to know what some of you think about what I wrote for her....I am one person with one person's opinions, and I may have been way off.  So, here follows my email with her, including what she had written, and following each with my own rewrites and suggestions.


I wrote:

hiya Girl... 

I have looked over the site, and here are some suggestions...

Number one...can you add pictures to the site?  You NEED to have visuals to offer to people looking at the site.  This should be in the form of kids DOING activities during center hours.  The messier the better too.  Show them painting together, or using scissors to cut up paper that also can be seen all over the table.  If possible show pictures of you interacting with the kids in a variety of situations, with a variety of ages.  If this server does not allow pics, my suggestion is to get one that does.  There are a lot of website servers out there that allow free access.  If you want suggestions on those, let me know.

Next...I have copied some of your text parts and rewritten them for you to look over...some of your wording is funny with regards to topic.  Please see below....

 You originally wrote:
We are a state licensed (06-133474) In-Home Daycare located in the town of New Windsor just minutes from Union Bridge, Frederick, and Westminster.

I think this might sound better....
"Our state licensed in home daycare and learning center is located in the town of New Windsor just a few minutes from Union Bridge, Frederick, and Westminster."

(If you are licensed...you do not need to provide the number on your site...but should include it in any paper work that you hand out to prospective parents.  You should also have a welcome pack, to go to them, including some parenting info sheets and about Town events pages.  I have suggestions for what to include in such a pack if you are interested.  Putting your number on the site in the welcome message is distracting, and makes it sound too business like.  Parents want a family atmosphere, not a business atmosphere, and they will be looking more for info on how your center runs and what is available for their children to do while there, as well as how caring you are to their kids.)

You wrote:
Here at Happy Hearts Daycare, we believe that each child is different, therefore, must be treated as an individual and not as a whole. 

I replace it with:
"Here at Happy Hearts Daycare and Learning Center, we believe that each child is unique, with individual educational and emotional needs.  With this in mind, we strive to provide an individualized experience for each child in our care."

You wrote:
Each child has their own unique personality and learning style and Happy Hearts Daycare tries to cater the program to incorporate each child into each activity. 

I rewrite it:
"We are committed to provide a nurturing, safe, and educational environment that draws on your child's special personality and learning style to design and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities."

(Too much mentioning of the name of the center detracts from the purpose of your site.  Mention it once or twice, and then concentrate on your center and it's goals.)

You wrote:
With this in mind, we subscribe to the following philosophy:
1.  Creating a protective atmosphere in which each child is accepted and loved as a person and an important member of my daycare;
2.  Aiding each child in reaching toward their highest potential by promoting self-image so that there can be experience in the joy of living and in the pride of succeeding;
3.  Helping each child to deal with emotional response, adjust to necessary changes, and to face challenges in an excepting way; and
4.  Helping each child to respect the rights and privileges of others, and to learn to understand others' feelings, behaviors, and points of view.

I rewrite:


~To create a safe environment in which each child is accepted and loved as a unique person and an important part of our center.
~To help each child to reach his or her highest potential by promoting good self esteem, the joy of living, the importance of education, and the pride of accomplishment.
~To enable each child to learn effective communication techniques, positive emotional responses, and good socialization skills.
~To teach understanding and respect for the rights, property and feelings of others."
You write:
Happy Hearts Daycare services the Elmer Wolfe Elementary and New Windsor Middle School Districts.  We provide a healthy, well-balanced Breakfast, Lunch, and afternoon snacks.  Our menus are monitored by the Carroll Adult and Child Food Program.

I rewrite:
Happy Hearts Daycare and Learning Center is available to meet the childcare and Early Childhood Education needs of families living in the Elmer Wolfe Elementary and New Windsor Middle School Districts. 

We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks for each child.

Family involvement is welcomed and encouraged"

(You do not want to include the monitored line, again, because it sounds too business like.  This is info that should be provided on a one on one basis or in paperwork.)

****You will want to include your hours of operation on your site, including any specific holidays that you are planning on closing.  You should also have age specifications listed...  You may also wish to have a few notable quotes on education and family childcare in fancy lettering one to three times in various spots.  If you need any, let me know...I have a ton of them.  You might want to have a separate page connected that contains local events of interest and articles on line about childcare, learning curves, parenting information, early childhood education, etc.  It makes you more into a caring person who thinks about people, rather than a person just out to make money in her business. 

You may want to make the website look a little more country cute with a few graphics and kiddie backgrounds.  Here is a good site that has both purchasable and free graphics for use.


Hope all this helps, and remember these are all just my suggestions. 

Be well,

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