Yes, thats right, I support Britney Spears. Maybe its because I'm just as "messed up" as she is. Im sorta bi-polar and suffer from severe PPD. I have never and will never harm my kids, but I have flown off the koo-koos nest a couple of times. Its hard being a mother to two young children, so close in age, and have to deal with everything else, and not being in a healthy relationship doesn't help at all. In Britney's condidtion, add paparazi, a psychopathic mother (which I guess I also have), and millions of people expressing their hate for you can get to you, and if I were her Id go off the edge too. I feel bad for her because she doesn't have the support she needs, her family doesn't care as long as she "gets better to make more money for them". You see how well they parent by what happened to Jamie Lynn. Im not dissing young mothers at all, I was a teenager and a mother too, I understand that its hard and give kudos to Jamie Lynn for going through with the pregnancy and keeping the baby, I think if she gets on the right track she will be a good mother. So will Britney, if she just gets out of the spotlight for awhile and takes a big deep breath. She needs to get her life in order and get those kids back, she doesnt need them now, of course, but as soon as she's on the right track she needs to have them back. She loves them. I guess because I'm a situation very similar to hers, I can understand what she's going through and sympathsize with her. If others don't agree with me, thats fine, but she is a human being just like you and I, and just because she's famouse doesn't mean she needs her life talked about in almost every home. Give her a break and give her a chance. You dont like it when people talk about how you parent or do things, don't talk about her. Again, she's human too. Leave her alone.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 1:10 AM She needs, help, love and care.. not cameras and gossip. I totally agree.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:12 PM i totally agree with you. we arnt perfect i have dont somethings mistakes as a parent nothing serious but i am a new mother just the difference is no one video taped it. i hope she gets better and gets her kids back.

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