I have been fighting my son't alchol/meth addictions for over 14 years. June of last year I finally got him into rehab (6 months program).

How I blew it? I had promised myself that if he graduated, newly divorced from an addicted wife as well, I would set him up with a complete apartment, fully furnished, give him my husbands old car. All to the tune of much more than can jingle in my pocket!

Four months later he was back in rehab again with another 6 months stay. When he graduated this time, we gave him a room in our house and gave him back the car we initially gave him. He got a job, all was looking good ~ and once again; 3 1/2 months later he is now running from his probation officer and now they have a warrant for his arrest.... They said this time he would go to prison..

 I have said it before ~ hanging on by a thread with my emotions ~ kicking myself in the big behind for the wasted money and all I have to show for it? The car sitting in my yard with a forsale sign on it.

Still a mother ~ going back to alanon meetings (where I can find them) so angry one minute and so sad the next... Time will change and my spirits will pick up with the help of prayers. It is just a rocky, bumpy, winding road right now and I am sooooo tired.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:06 PM Iam there with you. My son is also a drug addict and is now in jail because of his drug addiction. He has two children a boy 1 and a daughter 5. I breaks my heart that they don't have their father. My husband and I try to have them as much as possible. I understand the emotions you are explaining. I also get so mad at times, and then fell so hurt and sad. I have gone to al-anon, but finding this group and being able to connect with others that understand really helps. Stay strong. Tina

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