As I sit here knowing I should go to sleep; I can’t. I am so excited to find what I think to be a perfect fit. I feel like a broken record and I am sure my friends would agree.

Life is always changing and giving us challenges. Which I grab and run with all my might. I found this business venture with a new company, their one year anniversary is this week and I plan to be with them for a long time.


I already Read as much as my busy life can handle. This is not nearly as much as I would prefer, but I have 4 + 2 kids and a granddaughter. Not to mention a job, dog & House to take care of. Oh and Yes Don. Who without him I would still be wearing a name tag…

He gives me the support to be myself and express my thoughts. He allows me to look for ways to better ME. Go figure?

I keep thinking if I get it out I will be able to sleep, and yes I know I will.

It is so peaceful late at night, Love IT!


I love getting messages and questions. If I don’t have the answer I will find it. Around here they tease me with the nickname Scooby.

Thanks for hanging with me for a bit.



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