It has been a month since we moved in! Wow. That's a long time. We've come a LONG way, let me tell you!

Living with parents trying to finish college to have a better career, plan a wedding, work full-time, provide for a family and find time for your family while doing all of these is SO hard but we have come pretty far.

Mike graduated college, still works full time, we moved to my Mom's (we were so uncomfortable at his parents house for many reasons), and now, yesterday, He had a phone interview. This is like the third one within a month but it's one we are finally excited about. It's a medical company with great starting pay and good benefits. I am so happy that this opportunity has come. Mike is such an amazing employee..every job he's ever had will tell you that. I'm proud of him to say the least and I pray that this company sees him for all he is, and hires him :). But most of all, I want him to be happy.

The wedding planning is coming along...kind of slowly. I think of new things I want every day and write them down in my planner and cut out pictures here and there, but paying for any of it is going to suck. Mike and I are attempting to pay for most of the wedding ourselves, but we will have some help from both our parents, not much though. I would just like to have some MONEY so that I can get out and start putting things together. I'll be sure to keep praying.

I love staying at home. It really is the best job for Me. Some days I think, wow, I just need a break to go tanning or get my hair done and everything will be fine, but it's been since like August or September or last year that I've done a thing for myself, and I feel great. It's also nice that Mike continually tells me that he loves that I'm at home, and he wouldn't want it any other way. Keira is such a big girl now. And so healthy!! She will be two in March and it amazes me that the time passed by so fast. She has her own room that she loves, toys everywhere you look in this house, knows her alphabet song, she's learning to use the potty, she sleeps 12 hours a night, takes a two to three hour nap every day, eats really well, and I'm extremely proud of her. She is so full of joy and happiness, it's just a wonderful feeling that I get to be her Mommy. I'm so happy that God picked me.

After finding out all about Cafemom and the groups on here (most of which are great), and the women who I realized were actually toxic to my life by judging me because I formula fed Keira and because I don't think "Breast is always best"....after all that and more, I've realized how important my close friends are to me. Never once, BEFORE joining this website, did I ever judge another Mom for how they fed, diapered or birthed their child. Who am I to tell other Mom's to do their research and educate themselves before having children? I would never belittle a friend or another person/parent because they don't agree with the way I raise my daughter. It all reminds me about Conservatives vs. Liberals. Seriously. The pushing just doesn't stop, the lies, and the belittling to "educate" people, it's never ending and you just have to own up to your decisons and responsibilities and be happy with what path you've chosen, if you don't, you'll just be sad. I think of it this way...If my best friend Jamie decides to one day formula feed her child, why would I ever tell her that she isn't giving her baby the very best? That is so wrong. It would never even cross my mind. I'm thankful for my friends that unconditionally support me and my families' decisions! I'm so lucky. I won't ever question myself and the way I raise Kiki and my future children again. This was a life lesson.

In the next few months, we hope to save a few more dollars (so to speak), get really into more planning for our wedding, look at houses or buy or build, enter a new career, and try to conceive another baby. It's going to be a great year and it's CRAZY that tomorrow is February!! We love where we live, we get date nights every week (which is super cool!), and we are finally comfortable :) Ahhh, such a great feeling.

It's time for bed after a very long, perfect day full of traveling, BINGO, eating out, and time with Family.

On to tomorrow, can't wait to see what it brings!!


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