wow has my little girl dropped! I will be 40 weeks on Sunday the 3rd and ever since about 2 days ago the pressure in my pelvis has increased so much. At my last check up which was on Monday my midwife said that she is at a minus 1 station however I think if I make it until Tuesday she will be even lower than that. My contractions are starting to get more and more regular and a couple of them were actually uncomfortable, however the pressure is crazy lol. I can't wait until she is here! I bet she is going to be bald and red just like I was. I had no hair until I turned 2 and I was bright bright red for a couple months. I've had heartburn MAYBE 5 times if that, so IF she has any hair it will barely be any! I'm so excited for being able to breastfeed again! I miss nursing so much, my son self-weaned at about 13 months. :(. I can't believe I'm due on Sunday that is just crazy! I hope I don't have her on Sunday though haha, she can either come tomorrow (I doubt will happen hehe) or Saturday or anytime after Sunday. I'm thinking she will hold off until Thursday and end up coming then because that is the most inconvenient time for her to come! I have my first psych test on Thursday so that will most likely be when she makes her appearance, however I already talked to the instructor and she told me to just email her if I'm not able to take the first test on Thursday due to labor or just having a baby so if she does come I guess in a way thats a good thing because that means I'd get a couple more study days for my test. :) Either way she just needs to get here soon!! I'm hoping that if I do make it to Tuesday I will be 2-3 cm and completely effaced, on Monday I was 2 cm and 80% effaced. It is crazy how fast this pregnancy went, I feel like I should be MAYBE 5 months along lol but nope I'm due Sunday.....I don't remember the pregnancy going this fast with Gabe. It has been SO much easier this time around too. I've always heard that its harder to be pregnant with boys then it is girls and so far its true...well at-least for me. Anyways, hopefully we have a baby soon!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:39 AM yeah!!! i cant wai to see her. we still need to setup or red lobster date!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:04 PM I'm getting induced Sunday night!! Your due date! haha

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