It just occured to me: I am putting ALOT of info in my group posts, lol! Which is not too bad, but I guess I will just start doing a journal--so as not to write a whole book on my group sites! :) So, it is CD 14 or 15 and I am getting a sore throat. This is great. Right when I need to be not taking any meds. That sucks totally. Anyways! We bd'd today (our version anyways. Non-babymaking sex is...well, sex--long story) Anyways! I used my last OPK too. We'll see! I do think we bd'd a day later than usual, so maybe we caught it this time. Who knows! Maybe our concoction of vitmans and kits and yams etc...worked! I have also been WAY less stressed this time around, and there is a myth that that helps. Like I said, we'll see!  Goodnite! It's 1:30 am!!!

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