My youngest son is three years old.
He doesn't really talk. Sometimes he'll kind of form a word or two, but most of the time I think it's just me WANTING to hear him say words. He makes all kinds of sing-songy noises... but no "mama" or "daddy" or anything like that. I think the only thing he says (and this may be my imagination) is "Ryan"... his big brother's name.

He grits his teeth a lot and squints his eyes.  Me and my husband call it his "beefy" face, because his cheeks stick out when he makes it. He usually does this while playing with toys.

He also is way into sensory input, mostly sounds. He likes toys that play music, and if my husband puts on a CD he will stop whatever he's doing, stick his thumb in his mouth, and just get this meloncholy, dreamy look on his face. He won't move a muscle until the music is over.

He can't sleep without a fuzzy blanket. Well, he can, but its more difficult for him to relax. I've watched him go to sleep, and he holds the blanket up and rubs the fuzzy part on the bottoms of his feet. And he sucks his thumb. He goes to sleep better if we turn a CD on for him to listen to.

When he gets frustrated, he'll run up to you and slap you. We don't tolerate this, so we put him in his bed, and then he cries and makes sounds like he's trying to say something... and he sounds so heartbroken, like he doesn't know what he did wrong.

Honestly, I think he might have some form of Autism, or something like it. My oldest boy never acted this way. He was talking up a storm when he was two. I know kids develop at different speeds, but I really do think something isn't right here.

So I made an appointment to get him evaluated, but he won't get in until early April. It seems like such a long way off. I feel horrible because communicating with him is nearly impossible. A lot of times he understands what I say, but he can never seem to tell me what he wants. I know its frustrating him.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:22 AM I pray things are ok...keep us updated! Yah, that is a LONG time to wait for the eval

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 3:18 AM You are wise to make the eval Apt.  Sounds like things may be astray.  (I worked for Wis early autism for a couple years....not doing evals though)   I will be thinking of you during your wait and struggles.  Best Wishes!!!!

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Feb. 15, 2008 at 8:06 AM

He is just adorable! He does a couple of the things that my son does but he will also take running starts head first into appliances, doors, me, or whatever he feels like. Then he also throws things at everyone, anything he can lift really. As well as hitting, us and he doesn't play favorites he hits everyone in the family. He can talk, he says mommy, daddy, puppy, and his siblings names as well as other things. So they are a little different, but a couple of things are the same.

I hope they can get you in earlier. Call them back if you didn't go on the waiting list to be called for cancelations. You can usually get in earlier that way.

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