this is my first journal entry. not because i havent wanted to rant or express how i'm feeling from time to time but because i hardly have any time to myself. the twins are in the "terrible twos" stage and they are into everything !! i love them so much and i wouldn't change any of it. 

 i would like to get a full nights sleep....but isabella still is not sleeping through the night.michael has been sleeping since was about 4 months old. sometimes i think he understands how tired i am . every night without fail he is ready for bed at the same time - sometimes earlier.

bella.... she is the nightowl. she could stay up all night if i'd let her. she is the one that pushes my buttons. and she knows just how far she can get...sad i know. i try not to give in but she makes" the face" and i forget what i'm getting onto her for.

aahhh . the joys of motherhood. no matter how tired ,scared, nervous, upset, stressed, we get...its all worth it!!

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