I would have to consider two different kinds of "romantic evenings".  I am going to do one, considering I had nothing to worry about financially. The other one will be in my current financial situation.

Most Romantic Based on Current Income:

           I can imagine that it would be a weekend my mother or my daughter's father takes over for child-care, and then we would take a nice drive to a large natural park. I know of a few that have mountains/mounds and "stairs" to climb. I always liked these for the exercise and for the safety. I would have us pack a decent cooler full of goodies, food and beverages.

           Hopefully this place would have a big lake or some body of water to swim and fish in. I would rent one of thost paddle boats, and we could ride for a while on the lake after swimming for a little while. More towards evening, I would hope to fish for a bit; just relax and take in nature. I of course believe in catch and release. 

           If the park we were at didn't close at night, I would encourage us to lay out on a blanket and look at the stars; providing there were open parts in the large collection of trees.  We would have our final meal at night with one of their already provided grills and cook up some nice hamburgers with cheese, our favorite condiments and if allowed, a beer.

          At the very end of it; we would leave and rent a hotel.  We would relax for the last hour of the night in a room provided jacuzzi and then sleep to the next day.  When the next day arrived, we would stop at all of our favorite places on the way back; like White Castles and Dunkin Donuts. 

         That would be a romantic date. The stuff at the hotel, is for only me and my fiance to know about.

Most Romantic Based on Unlimited Funds:

          To me, this would be easy. He and I both are fascinated by history and castles. We both love medival things; so we would just spend an entire month touring all of the castles in Ireland, England, Scottland, Whales and maybe even stop over in France; since he is French. Of course, this would include beautiful hotel stays, jacuzzis, pools, fancy dinners, live shows, banquets, museums and much more. If Money was even more vast, I would try to stay in some of the castles/mansions that allowed guests.

          I believe a lot of romantic special moments would come out in a trip like this. I would not require my fiance to go out of his way to put together a meal because he does this for me a lot any ways. I would do something where HE could also kick back, relax and just enjoy our relationship.  That is why I picked these two ideas as most romantic for me.

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