Thought the title would grab some attention! LOL.

So, as soon as my 6 weeks is up, I've decided to take belly dancing classes... I think it'll be fun, and it's a great way to stay in shape! :) (And I bet hubby will like it when I show off moves when he gets home! LOL)

Baby bottles are NO fun to wash. I mean, seriously. NO FUN to wash. I hate bottle brushes, and you just can't get bottles clean enough without the bottle brush. I wash them with hot soapy water and the bottle brush, then stick them in the dishwasher to make sure they're REALLY clean AND sanitized. :SIGH:

Oh, and don't get me started on laundry again! Suffice it to say that the ONE load I had left to get done has now multiplied into about 7 or 8. I think my laundry is in there "pro-creating" when I'm not looking, how else could we POSSIBLY be generating that much laundry?

So, hubby called me 3 times yesterday... I was thrilled to hear from him, but was a little annoyed about the fact that he seemed to be calling just to "chit chat" and those prepaid calling cards he's using aren't cheap. Which means I'll be sending him either more phone cards or transferring him more money before the 15th. :SIGH: But I was glad to get to talk to my Honey, and I miss him SOOO much. I'll be glad when he can get more time on the internet and we can use IM or video chat! :)

Wow, the month of January REALLY flew by! If the next several months go by so quick, then I bet it'll seem like no time at all before hubby's home. I can't believe Baby is already going to be 3 weeks old on Tuesday! If next week and all the appointments I have scheduled are ANY indicator of how the next several months are going to go, then I won't really have TOO MUCH time to notice that hubby's not here, and won't have too much time on my hands at all! LOL, no one's ever accused me of not staying busy enough!

Speaking of being busy, I REALLY need to finish my 2 year old's blanket I started on the 3rd of January. I got my 3 yo DD's finished, and got the top of my 2 year old's blanket put together, now I need to tack it to the blanket and actually quilt it. Yeah, when I have time to get bored again some day/night. LOL

Anyway.. so that's how my days are going now. LOL. And I am managing to get a nap here and there now! :)

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:23 AM WOW it don't seem like baby is 3 weeks already. I hope you enjoy the belly dancing class. laundry sucks and I feel ya on it getting backed up, it is a never ending cycle.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:08 PM

I cannot believe how old he is already!!!

I hear you on the laundry and bottles~I am right there w/you!

Where on earth do you get your energy??? I keep busy ALL the time~that is how I battle depression~but I don't have the energy, I just make myself go go go no matter how worn out I am.

How do you go to appts. and such w/all your kiddos alone? Does someone go and help you?

Hope you get a nap today! :) 

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