Talking about my first love, is always a joy for me. Except for my current fiance; I have never loved anyone as much as him. I think it is true when people say you can never really replace your first love.

I was only 14, and he was 15. We decided to go on our first movie together. Both of our parents put a lot of work into letting us have a proper date.  I wore a long flowered dress with a matching jacket and he wore a nice red turtle neck shirt and jeans.  He had his shirt tucked in neatly and everything.

The movie was, "A Walk In The Clouds" with Keanu Reeves.  I remember not being very interested in the movie. I was always the bold one, and he was just so shy and virginy. I loved messing with him...even though we were both virgins, but I was wise enough by then to know how to tease. I was a little vixen, always was, and I still am. (Later when I wasn't a virgin, I broke a couple virgins. I wasn't a slut, because I truly wanted a real relationship...but I didn't hold back in any of them. *clears throat*)

So anyways, I remember that I was holding his hand, and we were sqeezing and rubbing each others fingers. I of course started this mess.  I then put my hand on his leg and just let it rest there; closer than comfort.  Next thing I know, I just can't take it anymore and I am about ready to make out with him on the floor, but I resort to taking his hand and kissing his fingers suggestively with my lips. I could see with the corner of my eyes he was getting rather hot from this.

Then he went to kiss my hand, but he stopped. So I lifted my pointer finger to his lips and traced them. I only did this for about two minutes...then he suddenly jolts up in his seat, and takes off running to the males bathroom. *lol*

When he came back he was quiet, shy and distant. I didn't make matters worse by asking him. I just pretended not to notice anything and just laughed as soon as I got to tell my best friend about it. LOL

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