ok so my hubby is in the military and he has drill again this weekend. the sucky part, is its the ones that he has to go outta state for. i had to say goodbye last weekend too. i love the military wife lifestyle, dont get me wrong, but its sucks when he's got to go away for a few days and then when he has to go away for the two weeks in the spring, that sucks too. now they are saying that since they are probably going to be activated again, that they may not do the two week training and just go ahead with the deployment in october. like they have a choice in the matter. when the big dogs say jump, they ask how high. but hey that is the military for you. he is in the national guard so he does the one weekend a month and two weeks outta the year thing. we have been through one deployment already, so i guess that i know what to expect, but that dont stop it from hurting. any hoo, i feel kind lonely and sad but i am not going to be staying home alone this time so that is nice, me and the babies are going to my dads in NC for the weekend bc my DH dont want us home alone with my crazy ex running around especially since i took out an order of protection on him. but that is another post.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:59 AM i am not going to say i know what you are going through bc i dont but i hope he comes back safe

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