So, Ann Coulter is on the record. She's going to actively campaign for Hillary if McCain wins the Republican nomination. So much for belief that all of the coalition's voices should be heard on the subject. Don't walk in lock step with the conservative bloc, and they'll leave you high and dry. No matter that the coalition partners remained loyal even while Bush was being thrust upon them by that conservative base.           

It's remarkable to me that the group who keeps talking about the Reagan coalition, and how they miss it, seems to think a coalition is a group of one. Perhaps they are so accustomed to ruling like the Taliban that they are surprised at the overt rebellion of the other components in the coalition. Note to conservatives: no more theocracy; no more burqas and second-class citizen status for the other two thirds of the party. You have led us into this mess, and martyred so many of your own that you no longer hold the majority; it's time now to let cooler heads prevail.            

We would hope that our past commitment to the coalition, demonstrated in 2000 and again in 2004, might elicit some of that same sacrifice for the greater good. An expression of loyalty, for example, such as demonstrated by John McCain, even after he was stoned for the heresy of running against the beneficent base. What we are finding, instead, is sanctimony and haughty arrogance. Individualism is apparently a euphemism for apostasy among conservatives, and party loyalty is something you expect, not something you give. You would rather strap yourselves in your principles and blow the coalition apart than exercise any level of compromise. It's no wonder you're so good at identifying terrorists (when the hijacking of the party is not going as planned, there's always plan bomb. I mean, B.). Let's face it, martyrdom is martyrdom, no matter what principles are wired to the C4.           

So, go to Hillary, Ann, but, please, go quickly. I'm sure that Obama would like to make a return on his investment. He is paying you right? I mean with you campaigning for Hillary, Obama winning the Democratic nomination is a foregone conclusion. Well, it's either that or  you're just bored with playing defense, what with all of the blunders of the conservatives' boy wonder. Offense would seem like a virtual vacation; you could do it with your eyes closed. Goodness knows it will help Sean and Rush keep their ratings up. Obama certainly won't be expecting loyalty, not from you anyway; he just wants the win. And, since the conscience of all good martyrs is always clear, I look forward to your unrelenting and scathing satire about the very man that you determined to make king. But, where will you go after the party's over? I wouldn't look to the coalition, Ann; we've been well schooled in just what constitutes Treason.

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