(5:28:02 AM):whats on your mind girlfriend?
shawchert (5:28:28 AM):i have a question
shawchert (5:29:38 AM):would you be willing to sign over rights of Orion to me? The only way i can get assistance to get my own place, help with child care etc is either to be the only parent of the child or have custody, and as i don't want to go for custody... the only other option is for you to sign your rights over.
EX(5:30:22 AM):I thought I wasnt even on the birth certificate.
EX(5:30:27 AM):just say you don't know who the daddy is or something
shawchert (5:30:28 AM):you aren't
shawchert (5:30:54 AM):medicaid already knows >.>
shawchert (5:31:26 AM):besides that way you won't have to worry about me going for custody at all
EX (5:31:38 AM):well, I'll consult my lawyer when I have the time. I do not know if just signing over rights resolves me of child support.
EX(5:31:43 AM):besides, I do not worry about that.
EX(5:31:51 AM):I always win.
shawchert (5:31:56 AM):right...
EX(5:32:02 AM):I am evil remember.
shawchert (5:32:16 AM):Honestly... i don't care how evil you are :/
shawchert (5:32:26 AM):i care about what's best for my child...
EX (5:32:50 AM):I'm sure ya don't.
EX (5:32:54 AM):thats fine.
EX (5:33:07 AM):I'll findout if signing over my rights resolves me of liability
EX(5:33:13 AM):if it does.. you got it.
shawchert (5:33:21 AM):i'm sure it does
EX(5:33:24 AM):I don't have much interest in children anyway.
EX (5:35:05 AM):I think about it sometimes, and I think about you sometimes.. if my money was flowin alittle better, I wouldnt mind tossin ya some loots... but at the moment, it isnt and I'm still paying my exorbinate bills for my last criminal problems.
shawchert (5:35:44 AM):don't worry about me, i'll make it, my family is helping and if i can get DSS and food stamps i can live in my own place
EX (5:36:01 AM):ok.
EX (5:36:07 AM):I don't worry..
shawchert (5:36:10 AM):i know
shawchert (5:36:34 AM):but anyways signing over rights basically means you have no say in the matter in which doesn't mean support for anything
EX (5:36:44 AM):no, it doesnt.
EX(5:36:55 AM):at least not by definition of what you just said.
EX(5:36:59 AM):I need a lawyer to say that.
EX (5:37:03 AM):if that is the case, you got it.
EX (5:37:06 AM):if it isnt the case..
EX (5:37:07 AM):no
shawchert (5:37:33 AM):well try and get a hold of him soon, I'd like to move out asap
EX (5:37:44 AM):becaue if I ever get a letter for child support, it'll be leverage.
EX (5:37:54 AM):ok.
shawchert (5:37:55 AM):leverage for what?
EX (5:38:10 AM):I will see what I can do in the next two weeks.
EX (5:38:48 AM):to win.
shawchert (5:38:59 AM):How is that leverage to win?
EX(5:39:18 AM):because you may get child support.. but I'll get influence.
EX (5:39:27 AM):and if I'm gonna pay for orion... I'll make sure orion turns out like me.
EX (5:39:41 AM):my protogei.. although I am sure I spelled that wrong.
EX(5:40:29 AM):thats actually completely in his best interest.. at least in my oppinion.... I just want my money to be well spent.
EX (5:40:50 AM):and having him raised a loser, without drive, or supreme guile.., would not be money well spent..
shawchert (5:41:02 AM):so you think i will raise my son a loser...
EX (5:41:35 AM):well, maybe not by normal comparison... but with my influence.. that child will be hard pressed to ever be challenged.
EX(5:42:08 AM):he will be clever, sharp witted.. always thinking, always scheming hwo to advance.. excellent with woman, high ambition.
EX(5:42:26 AM):never take no for an answer.. never give up
EX(5:42:42 AM):complete victory! or endless vigilience!
EX(5:43:11 AM):never complain about problems.. only solve them
EX(5:43:21 AM):in control of his emotions.
shawchert (5:43:45 AM):so basically a spoiled brat?
EX(5:44:01 AM):not spoiled... he'
EX(5:44:15 AM):he'll know the value of hard work, and earn his own spoils.
EX (5:44:28 AM):even at a young age... nothing should be given freely
shawchert (5:44:31 AM):lol so he won't learn any of that from me..
EX(5:44:32 AM):earn everything
EX (5:44:44 AM):no offense.. but you cannot teach someone to be better than you know how to be.
shawchert (5:44:59 AM):...
shawchert (5:45:10 AM):well i have to sleep he fell asleep and i need some rest
EX (5:45:18 AM):I should make instructional videos and mail them to you.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:09 AM men can be such morons...

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:23 AM

Wow!!  He is a real piece of work.  Instructional videos?  LOL  What a joke!!

It is up to the judge if he will still have to pay child support. If you are able to care for the child financially alone, then the judge may allow it. However, the judge does think about 5 yrs down the road. Sometimes, they allow it if someone is going to adopt the child. In some cases they allow the father to pay only arrearage.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:44 AM

" think about it sometimes, and I think about you sometimes.. if my money was flowin alittle better, I wouldnt mind tossin ya some loots... but at the moment, it isnt and I'm still paying my exorbinate bills for my last criminal problems."

You should have asked him if his son should learn to commit crimes like him as well since he is all knowing.

He sounds like he is mr. in control.  Your a very nice young lady...I would not be so nice to someone like that.  In my marriage I would like to say we are a little more on the conservative side..my husband works and I stay home with the baby.  Whatever he asks of me I am more than willing to do within reason, and he would do the same for me.  We live a very equal life, but we have earned the respect of one another. 

Anyway, you are way nicer than I would be....but good for you, I commend you.  I would just let him know that whether his loot is flowing or not...his sperm sure was!  lol.

If you ever need anything, please let my family know...your a great mother :)


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:17 AM He is such a POS. Good thing you got away from him when you did. I know you already are, but be sure to save things like this too... you might need them some day.

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