I have no idea, I mean I've always wanted 2 kids. Since I was little all I ever wanted to be was a 'mommy'. In school when you had to do projects about what career you wanted and where you see yourself in 10 years...I ALWAYS said a wife and a mother. And now that I am married and have a beautiful boy I'm dieing to have another. Regardless if it's a girl or boy...I just feel like then our family would be complete...OR I'll want another! : )....And I don't want it to seem like JJ s not enough for me, because if I couldn't have another baby then I would be just as happy. But I also want JJ to grow up being the big brother and having someone to play with and bond with besides his friends.I know I'm young but when I look to the future I don't see myself sitting behond a desk and making alot of money doing what I hate. I see myself in my pj's on the floor with my kids playing games, helping them with there homework, watching them play sports...just watching them be happy! I don't want to miss any of that...but I guess it will all fall into place when it's time...until then...I will cherrish the time I have alone with JJ...


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:19 AM I know what you mean..it's not really cool to say you want to be a mom and it's not considered a career. I think it takes a lot of time to be a good mom and it takes a lot out of you personally. Hope you get no.2 one day. Feel for me- I'm 33 and only have one 2 year old so one more is probably all I'll be having!

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