I used to print up my own labels to put on my products but was referred to ROTECK which prints laminated labels for real inexpensive when you consider how much labels cost.  PLUS if you sell products that get wet or can get wet....your label smears!

These waterproof labels are the best for those of you who sell bath and body products.  Your labels look so nice and professional....and when that shower gel, for example, runs out, they can read your label on the product b/c the label is waterproof!  PLUS it stands out.

 So why not try these labels on your products, catalogs, envelopes, etc????

I would love if you would use me as a referral.  The link is below and if it still asks for a referral code it is KerriKnack.

IF you purchase via this site and use me as a referral, thank you in advance!!!

My referral code is: KerriKnack

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