Here I sit this morning at 6:46 am trying to tell my kids something. I can hardly open my mouth at all. I wish they would listen carefully, but they are 3 boys with minds of their own.

My surgery went well, i guess. He took out all the bone spurs in my bottom jaw. It took about half an hour, and then I was ready to go. He did numb me because they wanted to put me out, but i can't do that. I feel like if they knock me out, they will kill me. Just a fear I can't get over. They put 12 stitches in my jaw. So, I left with my jaw and gums bleeding and they told me to eat milkshakes. Well, I had my baby boy with me and my MIL. They were hungry, so she bought me a milkshake with a spoon. That didn't work at all. The coldness killed my mouth. So, I was drinking WARM liquidy things. I have too for 2 weeks. I guess that is one way to lose weight.

Last night I went to my oldest boy's basketball game. Good thing i brought my husband and my MIL. I didn't get to see any of the game as I was in the bathroom most of it. On the way home, he pulled over 5 times for me. Poor guy was ready to take me to the ER. The pain killers they gave me I am allergic too and now I am doing this pain with no medication. I am not one who likes to take pills, but yesterday I needed it.

So, here I sit right now trying to open my mouth. I need to try and eat something liquidey and my mouth doesn't open very much. I go back on Monday to get a checkup. Let's hope everything looks good!!

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