At this point I really could care less what that stupid rodent sees!  This winter has been has been horrible for us here at our house.  For the 6th time in 2 weeks we are again without heat.  Let me make this clear so no one accuses us of not paying a bill or hurting my kids because we have no heat.  We live in a 100 yr. old farmhouse, with apparently an OLD oil burnig furnace. Our landlord who is great with trying to maintain it had told us he would possibly replace it over the summer that when serviced last he was told it would make it through the winter.  WELL...  get home from dance last night at 9 pm to a COLD house.  My dh is in England, the furnace is under the house and I can't get to it (longer story) so we piled tons of blankets on bed and turn one the space heater (which I hate using at night..) I just called the heating guys and they said they would try to be out soon....


SO that's why I don't care what the groundhog says because either way won't be much improvement for me right now.

Lisa (rant over)

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