I love to homeschool. I have my kids with me all the time. Yes I have times in the day when I want to be alone. Winter is worse than any other time. They can get out very little. But for the most part of it I love it. I sit in my house and watch the school bus go by and think YEAH I do not have to get the kids ready for school. And I sit in my house and watch the school bus come home at night and say YEAH my kids are safe and sound and not just getting home. I have four kids. I did not have four kids to give them to some one else to raise. I am not saying that if you do that you are a bad person. I am saying that that is how I am. I love to spend time with my daughter. I love to see her having so much fun teaching the 2 year old. She wanted to and has thrown her self into it and loved it. She even told me that she would hait it when they did not need her to help them any more. What I do hate is that there are people out there that are zeolts about the homeschooling. They do thing that make it look like the homeschooling is for the weirdos. I am a normal mom. I teach my kids the normal stuff. I stand up for my rights but do not go to harming people. I work hard at getting people to understand that just because you are a homeschooling mom that your kids are not going to be different. We get social interaction. We jsut do not have to have it for 8 hours for 5 days a week. Life itself is to much of a distraction. Why add in 29 other kids that are not learning on the same level as your child. My daughter is 8 and in the third grade. She started school at 4 years old. My son is 5 and has already gone threw the Kindergarten Math. He is off to the first grade math. He is almost through the rest of his work also. Where do you expect for people to be. What do you expect people to do everyday when they see that their child is either sitting bored or getting lost in the class room because there are so many other kids needing help also. Sorry for the rant. Hope you have a good day.

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