My SO has been staying in ICU w/his mom/ he took a wk. off because of her condition. She is now out of ICU, but has to stay in the hospital 4 rehab & a whole lot of other issues. THE PROBLEM!!! He has all these other grown-ass siblings, grown-ass nieces & nephews, & it's only him & 1 damn sister that tend to her. I do also, but not no damn more!!!!!!! Found out he doesn't get a paycheck today, but heres the f''en deal. All his siblings, lazy ass nieces & nephews will show up at the hospital & she'll shovel out all her shitten ass disability to them. Do ya think she'll help us out w/our bills. HELL NO!!!! Why? Cause my stupid ass SO won't tell her we need help!She rakes in about 4 checks a month, & than he wonders why I,m taking my son & headind back home to Wa. st. This bastard has got me bent!!!!!!He can stay here & stick all these sick people up his ass!!!!!!!!!!!What do U all think of this? & I have been putting up w/all this crap 4 3yrs. Enough is enough.

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