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1.   I hate smoking and my dh is trying to stop nipping at the cigars before bb is born.  He also chews tobacco which I dispise but the is an endless battle, he has to do on his own.

2.  I love being on cafemom, but now with my new job I don't get to spend so much time on it as I used to.

3.  I hope for all my special friends to get their bfp's this YEAR!!

4.  I am second guessing my self about going to college now that I have this job at Wal-Mart and not having time for school now, but I am not a quitter and will eventually graduate.

5.  I have to start getting the baby's room ready, I am such a procrastinator and I don't like to be but am in a rut!  HELP!

6.  I haven't told my parents yet and they come back from vacation in 3 days!!

7.  I am a Fast Learner

8.  I love children

9.  I Love being with my family and dear friends (don't have any just yet but soon except if you count my cafemom friends but I am not in direct contact and as a woman need girl to girl talk in person)

10.  Last and NOT certainally least!!  I totally adore, love, admire, cherish, and did I say Love my Very Dear Husband He is the World to me and my soul mate!!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:58 AM I do not see any sign of you being a procrastinator here at cafemom. I think you have priorities that suit your soul. You are a philosopher of you life and how to make it better. You take the time to be very creative and you are just fun in general. Your love of your family shows every day and in every part of your page (can I just write your journal for you?). You love to gather positive thoughts are spread them around to make other people's day better. I am glad you got the job because you will be happier out and about spreading the love -baby!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:18 PM Thanks for sharing! Here's my 10 from a journal post on my page. Come by and learn about some mutual friends and post your 10 there. And congratulations on your preganacy! I didn't realize you were expecting and I'm so excited for you! Ok, here's my 10:

1. I'm "Bi-Coastal"- having grown up in CA and now living in VA.

2. Some of the best parties I have are on my own, dancing to my hearts content and having a 'lil wine!

3. My favorite colors are green and purple.

4. My favorite time of year is when Spring is turning to Fall and the trees look ablaze with beautiful red, orange and gold colors.

5. I'm a Cafemom's addict!

6. My forest-green Jeep Liberty is named Reggie Kermit (RK) for reliability (Reggie sounds like a reliable, very capable person) and Kermit for his green color and great character. Thanks to my friends Stacy and Mattie for coming up with this! Never thought to name my car before.

7. I have a special love/facination with small towns. Growing up in busy CA is probably why.

8. I take my coffee black!

9. My pregnancy craving was breakfast, breakfast, breakfast!! I would literally have about three each morning! LOL

10. I absolutely love animals!! ALL OF THEM! My favorite quote on a cute plaque in my mother-in-laws house is "Cats are little people with fur coats!"

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Apr. 8, 2008 at 12:12 AM

I dont blog often

But I will reply here instead

1. I am a christian

2. I have naturally curly long hair

3. I love to read books

4. I have 4 cats

5.  My man and our son and my stepson all have long hair

6. I was born and raised on country music and my all time fav is Conway Twitty.

7. I love country,rock,oldies,soft rock

8. I love to help others

9. I wear chopsticks in my hair or hairsticks especially in the summer to keep the curls up

10. I go to alot of parenting boards/forums and cafemom is one of them that has fun moms to talk with.

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