And I need to vent...

DR is ridiculous! I am tired of him PMS-ing and bitching about everything under the sun-even if it isn't my fault! Like this morning, he get's in the car and says, "HURRY UP!" In a nasty tone. Look bitch, be appreciative that I am letting you use my car and even taking your ass to work. What about the days when I didn't have a car and he threatened me left and right on how he was going to call my boss and tell him I can't come in-that he would make me loose my job, and I was the one working 2 jobs and him NONE! He would say he would call the cops on me if I took his truck, or he would drop me off at the end of the my work and it would be cold. The guys that worked with me (older gentleman, not interested in me like that) would get so upset because they though it was messed up! And I would never say anything to them about it! So anyways, I sped to work wanting him out of my car. And like right down the street from him work he was trying to be somewhat nice. NO, I do not want you to be nice just to do it because you know you are at MY mercy now and not me at yours! He's so mean sometimes-to me, to Ana...and the thing I hate most is he says that Ana is not his daughter, or if that was my daughter---what about if we have kids of our own and he says this? It'll single Ana out and I don't want her to feel this way! It's not fair to me or her. And she is really not a bad girl, she is a pretty good girl, but he thinks she is bad-that she tricks-and she does, but not all the time! I don't know, I am not sure about him sometimes, I love him, but damn-level out man and quit bitching and screaming and being attitudy because I am sick of it. And stop bitching about me getting on cafemom when your ass is always on the XBOX 360 (when you have it--ours is broken) so how is it any different? Just cut me some slack and stop saying that I am a bad mom when I really am not! It's rude, crude, and un called for! I just want to be appreciated and I don't get that...

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:04 AM Mine is the same way. My 2 girls aren't his and the baby is. He acted liked that more in the beginning couple of years,he's gotten better but still he's like, they aren't mine. I'm like fuck you, you are all the dad they have because their dad wants nothing to do with them. And he's been with me since my 5 yr old's first b-day. He's all she knows. And he treats his daughter and our son better. Oh Lord...I get fired up!!! 

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