February 1st is National Wear Red Day!

I participated last year by wearing my fabulous red shoes, remember? Well, this year, I got me a whole brand new outfit! Ok, I didn't mean to buy the whole outfit, really. See, there's a funny story about that...

I had planned on stopping by my favorite Ross on my way home from work and picking up a great red shirt to wear with my jeans and fabulous red shoes tomorrow. And I did, too. I got my hands on a hot little red t-shirt with small white polka dots. Then, I found this super fabulous pair of red heels (why are red heels so irresistible?) that I simply could not walk out the door without. Seriously. When you see the shirt with the shoes, you'll see why.

But wait! Then I found this amazing pair of jean capris that fit incredibly! bowchickabowbow Ok, so (breathe) on the way to the register I meandered past the sunglasses. Right there, staring at me all cute-like was this pair of Guess sunglasses that were just made for me. And this new outfit! Sunglasses weren't part of the original plan, but, since it would seem that I misplaced my old ones somewhere around a month ago, I did need a new pair. And they were adorable. Perfect with my new outfit - I couldn't resist!

I mean, what a perfect day for a diva. I get to wear red lipstick in the middle of the day, fabulous red shoes on my feet, an adorable red pin and sweet Guess sunglass all while supporting an important cause like heart disease awareness for women.

I even talked my co-worker into breakin' out her red and supporting The Heart Truth, too. I must have rubbed off on her some too because she also has a pair of new red shoes to show off and I can't wait to see them!

I love helping to promote the Red Dress symbol and what it stands for! (I bought one for myself this year.) It's fun, it's easy, of course it's fashionable, and it's important. If you want to check out pictures of other supporters in their red, or, maybe even submit your own pictures of you in red, then go check out the National Wear Red Day flickr photo pool. I will be taking pictures of myself and my co-worker, all decked out in our red goods for National Wear Red day to post and, yes, I will share them with y'all too! Mmmhmm. You just like to make of the silly desert diva in fabulous shoes!

Where's your red?


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 8:12 PM OMG, yuou sound so much like me. I LOVE to shop & I LOVE red, also. I wore red on Friday & got an extra 15% off at Macy's, lol

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