Thirteen years I attended Chicago Catholic schools and there were only 2 days I ever had off because of weather and those were my junior year of high school when the temperature dipped to -40 degrees and the wind chill was near -80.

My kids have gone to the school for less then a year and they have their first snow day!  We were expecting a lot of snow so the kids brought home a note explaining the Archdiocese's policy on school closings which is they will close if all the Chicago Public schools close (same as when I was a kid) otherwise they are open and close on an individual basis (meaning if there is mechanical trouble at the school).

So, since the public schools never closed as a system when I was a kid, even when we had over a foot of snow I assumed they would be open and so would the kids' school.  But I checked anyway, just to see what schools did close and was shocked to find all the Catholic schools in the city are closed. 

I looked and we have about 6+ inches of snow.  It doesn't seem like that much considering how much we used to get when I was little.

Owen and Brenna should have fun playing in the snow today.  Meagan doesn't have snow pants so she won't go out (wouldn't go if she had the pants anyway).  I'll get Nora out there, too.  She didn't seem to care too much for the snow on New Years but I can get some pictures of her in her cute snow suit.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:08 AM seems like lots of kids are enjoying a snow day today. most of the kids here in ohio are a big portion of the states schools closed down. my daughter is loving it. think the schools in my county closed though due to ice. because we barley got any snow maybe 2 inches at the most

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:12 AM Last year we lived outside of Pittsburgh and, I swear, my daughter's school closed 6 times last year for weather.  The one time we went out to the bus stop not even thinking about because we only got about 3 inches only the bus never showed.  They were closed, lol.  But that was because they were expecting more, but it never came.  In one 2 week span they had 4 snow days and 3 late starts (for subzero temperatures) and 1 regular day off.  It was crazy to me since in Chicago we never got days off like that or late starts (as in last week when we were walking to school with -4 degree temps and wind chills below -20).

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