I have two planners..one for my bills and one for my appt. Well, next week is Ella's birthday so I call my oldest son to see if he wants to come over next weekend and he does. Well, last night I was adding some NEW stuff to next week and I got so OVERWHELMED. I go back to work tomorrow and will pull 7 days before I am off again....Wednesday is Ella's 1st birthday, I have an appointment that afternoon after work, a parent metting at the school that night that I have to attend so my daughter can try out for cheering. Thursday, Ryan has a ballgame. Friday...This is my BIG problem, I have to go get Alex when the kids get out of school around 4p. I had planned to go by the party store, buy groceries and go to Wal Mart while I was out and about and then I realize..Jerica has  a ballgame at 7:30p. I can do some, but not all and Saturday is Ella's party, then I have to take Alex back home Saturday and the Basketball awards day is that evening...The ONLY free day I see is next Sunday...so far..The next week is even fuller...I have NO TIME. I HAVE to go by the party store and Wal Mart...Guess Sunday will be grocery buying, lol.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:19 AM

If you figure out how to clone yourself can you share info???Please I could really use a 2nd me!


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