I am the productOf the aftermathOf the Civil Rights Movement! I was raisedTo know no boundariesDespite my colorAnd gender barriers I was raisedTo know the lawsOf the landAnd how to governMyselfAccording toThe laws of decencyTowards humanity I was raisedTo believe that for every wrongThere is a just wayTo make it right! I was raisedTo accept responsibilityFor my deeds, words & thoughtsTo do otherwiseIs cowardice and speaksVolumes of ones character I was raisedTo take pride in my ownHeritageAnd to own my self worth I was raisedTo care for my fellow manTo reach outAnd lend a handTo teach, leadAnd to set an example I was raisedTo ask WHY?!I was raisedTo demand PROOFDissect the propagandaForm an opinion of my ownAnd stand strong and tallIn my personal convictions These life lessonsThat have shaped meI vow

To pass on to my seed

AndAs the ones that have come before meSit with prideIn what they haveMolded and shapedI will do the same My daughters will liveThey will aspire to their potentialIt’s the only example they will ever have to shadow…   hrh

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