$25 To Start Your Ameriplan Business at Home!  IS SHE WORTH IT?
Enroll in February and pay only $25 instead of the regular $95.  Save $70!!  Request your interivew   today!!  www.freedomathometeam.com/tburgess .   If you already have all the information you need to get going then let's GET  STARTED TODAY!!
Ameriplan -
Are you going to sit back and let this opportunity pass you by?
You've been looking to earn money from home.  You're tired of sending your kids off to daycare, you're tired of the daily grind....getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed...  just to do it all over again the next day.
Why are we content to work our whole lives for other people and then retire with nothing to show for it?  Why do we let other people raise our kids and wake up suddenly one day only to realize they aren't kids anymore and all the time we could have had with them is lost?
There is a better way....
 WORK AT HOME with AmeriplanUSA!
There's no better time than now. Our business now costs even less to get set up and started.  Corporate just announced that in February you can enroll as an independent business owner for just $25.00!!!! PLUS you still get $50.00 worth of vouchers back in your broker kit!!  So that's putting you ahead $25 in your first month in the business! But that's not all!  ENROLL NOW, www.freedomathometeam.com/tburgess hit the first level of management in 30 days, and I'll send you $100.00 cash!  So not including commissions, that's a net gain of $125.00. It's a great deal but it won't last.  This offer ends 2/29/08 at 5pm CST.

Request an inteview
today to get all the information on working at home with us. If you already have all the information you need to get going then let's GET STARTED NOW!  www.freedomathometeam.com/tburgess 

Is she worth it?  YES!! 

I get to be home with my kids.  I'm there when they go to school.  I'm there when they come home.  I don't have to call in to work when my kids are sick.  I can go on ALL the field trips, go to lunch with them whenever I want, and simply be MOM.  She is absolutely worth it! 

 Work at Home with an Industry Leader Ameriplan is changing the face of healthcare.  We're not selling any kind of products or maintaining any inventories.  We're simply helping people save money on their health care costs and helping others work from home.
When you come to work with us, you get:
* Daily pay
* Unlimited training and support
* Customer support center to help manage your members
* Website to check on earnings and enrollments
* Five internet commerce websites for online marketing or online enrollments
* Family membership in the dental, vision, prescription, & chiropractic program
* Accidental death & dismemberment insurance policy
* 401(k) options and direct deposit (as you advance with company)
So get off of that fence!  You've waited too long already and  missed out on some incredible time that you can never regain.  You can't reclaim the past, but you can certainly work towards a better future!   CLICK HERE   www.freedomathometeam.com/tburgess  to start now...  for your children, for your family, for YOU! 
Research our Company.   WWW.freedomathometeam.com/tburgess .   Request an Interview. www.freedomathometeam.com/tburgess . Let's talk!

Tammy L. Burgess
Independent Business Owner

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