Baby and hubby are both sick. Luckily I seem to be getting over my cold.   I took the baby to the doctor yesterday.  Seems like I am always taking her to the doctor.  She never seems quite as sick there as she does at home.  She has had a slight temp and a nasty sounding cough.  The doctor says she has a viral respiratory infection.  We just have to watch her to make sure she doesn't get more wheezy because she could have RSV then.  She acts perfectly fine other than coughing and runny nose.  She hasn't been eating quite as much but this morning she had a 6 oz bottle and managed to keep it down.  Right before I left for work yesterday she hosed the both of us and I had to change both of our clothes.  She has also decided that she hates green beans and peas which were her favorite.  She gags and spits up when I try to give them to her, even if they are mixed with cereal.  So, I won't try to feed those to her again for a week or so.   Scott thinks he is dying.  He's kind of a baby when he gets sick.  In his defense, he doesn't ever get just a cold; he gets wiped out pretty good. But he couldn't miss school because of his patients.  He'll just infect everyone at school.  I have been up since 4 this morning and I am hoping that the baby will take a decent nap sometime today so I can get some sleep.  Her coughing kept me up all night.  I better go now, I can hear her filling up her diaper. Let's pray it isn't another blowout day.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:47 AM Oh!  You poor thing!  Welcome to the wonderful (and not so wonderful) world of motherhood!  Aren't men pathetic when they are ill?  I hope things get better for you!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:38 AM

good luck... it sucks whe everyone is sick...

I hope you all get better soon!  And  I wish a nice long nap for you!

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