My son is in 7th grade and is Dyslexic. Does anyone have a child with a learning disability and a 504 or IEP similar to our sons diagnosis. We havent had problems until now with math, it has all been reading. He now is doing Algebra and the letters and #'s are giving him trouble. My husband is a math major and is helping him after school with homework everyday but he's sitting thru class lost for an hour everyday. The teacher isnt very accomodating and since we dont have mods other than preferential seating, calculator, and a copy of her notes be given, theres not much i can make her do. He had a better day today b/c he was taught by DH the lesson from class for the week. Oh yes he is an oral tester which means his tests are read to him, but they find that silly since theres no real reading to do on them. BUT he's passed every test since they started doing that, where b4 he wasnt.

I dont do many posts and i am a memebr of the DYSLEXIA Group here on Cafe MOM but thought maybe there were some others out there who might have ideas. Thanks for reading.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:00 AM


1st off does your son have a 504 or an IEP because it will make a difference in how much they accomidate him,and the input you have.If he has an IEP call for a meeting and ask for some type of implimentation to be done.Tell them what you are doing at home and that it seems to be working but that whatever is going on in class he is at a loss for the class.Please feel free to contact me.I guess I could give you more information if I have more information.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:14 AM yes he has an IEP but its more for reading which is all classes except math with a few exceptions. I am just needing to know what has worked for others as far as math modifications on an IEP. He has reduced assignments, and extra time to finish and turn in. All of his classes except for math have an "inclusion" teacher which is a second teacher who helps the 1st teacher with the students who are having trouble. This class is only available with inclusion duing 1st period and thats when he has FOOTBALL. They threatened to take him out of football if his grades didnt improve but they cant do that, i wont let them. Thats his one class of sanity and he enjoys it w/o the reading, writing, spelling part of school. Its his 1 hour of safehaven.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:35 AM My son is in 7th grade & is Dyslexic. A wonderful principal in 2nd grade when we MOVED to our new district saved his academic life !!!! She & 7 other women went to work !!!! The old district at the time refused to test him until 4th grade & since they failed him first grade, that was unacceptable to me. I didn't know it at the time, but their refusal to test was against the law. My best advice given the info in your post is if his teacher isn't very accommodating, you need to get on her & remind her of the law. PM me if you want to talk more. I feel for you & your boy. I can't imagine going through it all at this age. My son knew something was different about him at the end of his 2nd first grade year. It really affected his self-esteem even at that age. He does great now, excelling in math & science. He is also very artistic, but his love is football. He is a lineman. He is popular, smart & one of the charismatic kids. I have always told him as he grows, be a leader not a follower. Step up at school & in that football huddle & say something, 9 times out of 10 there are many people around you thinking the same thing, someone just needs to speak up, don't be shy, be a leader. That combined with the saving work of that team of wonderful women in those early years has really paid off. I don't know where we'd be had that wonderful woman not entered our lives. We were very lucky !!!! There are few far & between like that lady. They broke the mold when she was made !!! It really speaks volumes to the saving grace of early intervention. It sings louder volumes about how ONE GOOD CARING educator can make all the difference in a young life !!!! She is only one of a handful of people other than my son that I would jump out in front of a bus for. Typing this I have tears rolling out of my eyes. She retired this year. She is teaching a few days a week at a local private college & taking care of her elderly mother. I can not imagine how many young minds were saved on her watch. She is the difference between an ole same ole same ole principal & a caring one with a Doctrine in Education. Print a copy of this out & take it to your sons educators & ask them if they will one day have people speaking about them this way & then tell them to get busy & do their damn JOB !!!! Every morning when they wake up to go to work, they are just like all the rest of us, it is of a voluntary basis !!!! My son was on a modified program for 1/2 of second grade. He has been on AB honor roll at grade level EVER since !!!!! If I could send those 7 women on a cruise around the world I would do it in a heartbeat, even if it meant we [ my son & I ] would never get to go on one !!!! Good luck & PM me if you like.

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Feb. 28, 2008 at 9:35 AM hi this is mar ,nice to talk with you again i know how frustrating it is to have your child have one hour of something he likes  to be taken away because they fail as teachers   my son patrick is in a private school  but forunatly through alot of pain sweet and  tears  parick has been given a new lease on life he has people who care about him at school  some students dont want to look different from other students nd they know in the public school what kid get what the school is responsible for your child they should be able to give him the services he needs regardless  also about dealing with your ex i know tha two my kids cant sehis kids because of alot of things he has done that i dont want o go into it i have a fiancee i have been with but he  has cancer were not sure we we go from here waiting from the doctor my kids love him it is so hard becuse he always waits to separate from me because i have so much on my plate he tells me he doesnt want to burden me qwith his problem you are so lucky you met your husband and he is good with the kid

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