Why is it when your husband is stressing you stress?  Everytime my husband stresses it becomes my stress too.  He has joined a company out of Maui Hawaii as a salesman for their products and also as a consult on how to run the business.  They had a 2 1/2 hours conference call last night with the 4 of them.  If something doesn't go right then I get the butt end of the stress.  We have yelled at each other in front of kids (which is something we never do) for the last 2 nights.  I know the old saying "that you take the grap you are going through on the one that you are the close to."  But damn it, I wish he would go take it out at on a golf ball instead of causing me more stress.  I do not like how the yelling effects the boys.  They do not hear us this way and I want to keep it that way. Men are the biggest jerks sometimes. 

I am just rambling my thoughts down on the keyboard.  It helps me get it out and deal with it.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:05 AM Men can be jerks and it is good to get it out.  I try to remember I can be hard to live with too.  I hope he is there for me when that happens so, I try to be there for him.  If the kids are old enouth just explain to them what is happening with Dad.  It is a good lesson on family relations for them too.

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