So once again we had to go to the ER. This time for Haidn though not Don. We were going to try and wait and just take him to the doctor this morning but when his temperature spiked to 102.2 after Motrin we decided not to wait. We get there and check in at 8:30. About 15 minutes after that we finally get triaged and then we do get to register right away. But then it was another at least 15 minutes before they took us back. The nurse checks him out and that was it. About 30 minutes after this they move us into the hallway because they need the bed because it has a monitor for someone else. We sit in the hallway never seeing anyone until 11:30 when I go find someone because Haidn wakes up shaking and is on fire. His temp is not 102.9. So guess what, the doctor finally comes to see us. We then get a nose swab, blood taken and tylenol and then a chest x-ray. Haidn is miserable the entire time. We find out at 1 am finally that he has pneumonia too and get some antiboditics and have to fill the script today. So hubby has pneumonia and mono and son has pneumonia, what a fun house it is here.

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