I'm not sure I can express clearly the frustration I have for Brendan and his schoolwork...but I need to vent.  We have had issues with Brendan and school almost since 1st grade.  We had alot of "he is not focusing, he's talking, he's not where he needs to be."  We began to take him to therapist to find out if there was something going on, such as ADHD, or a learning disability.  They haven't found anything to suggest that.  So on comes 2nd grade, then it's "talking, not focusing", we take him back to talk to the therapist and try to take things away and rewarding for good grades.  Now it's 3rd grade, we have been going to SAT meetings with his counselor and his teacher to help him do better.  This morning, I found out that while his grades are getting better, he is not sitting in his seat and requires alot of one on one direction.  He understands the subject but is not paying any attention during class. 

He likes english and science, but his math grade is a D!  I feel like such a failure!!!!  If there isn't anything wrong then why can't we help him to do his best.  I just don't understand.  Brendan is a social butterfly and he is smart but his schoolwork is not showing that.  We are looking into enrolling him in our church's christian school since it has more structure, but I'm not sure if that is going to help or hurt him even more.....I don't know what to do!!!  He has had alot of teachers this year, but the teacher he has now seems to really care and know what is going on.  But she can't give me any suggestions on how to help Brendan in the long run, I want to help my son to be successful.  But I feel like I'm not doing my job....HELP!!!!!



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Feb. 1, 2008 at 2:49 PM

I know about the no focus or lack of from Josef.  We have Josef on Nordic Natural's Fish oils, he gets 1/2tsp/day, DMG 125mg (1capusle in his milk/day) and these alone have made a HUGE difference!  I will be adding vitamin B6 (150mg) and magnesium 100mg both of which he will get in the morning.  The doseage for the B6 is 2mg/kg/day (a kg is 2.2lbs) and the magensium is an "average" dose. They are natural muscle relaxants, which have helped MANY children with ADD/ADHD symptoms.  Of course this also means, that too much will cause diarrhea-in this case you just cut back.  Also try epsom salt baths (1-2cups in bath water nightly) this helps "calm" and even works for adults too :-)  As you can see I DO NOT like meds, and it will be over my dead body that Josef is ever put on meds. 

We order all Josef's supplements from luckyvitamin.com, but I am sure wal-mart would have everything BUT the fish oil.  We order on-line because he needs smaller doses than what I can find anywhere else.  If you do decide to do fish oils I STRONGLY reccomed either Nordic Natural's or Carlson's-both go thru rigourous testing to make sure there are no heavy metals present and these are the two most "potent" ones on the market. 

 I would look into your church's school.  Josef will never go anywhere but catholic school for much of the same reasons. Smaller classrooms, more sturcture, things I think EVERY child needs. 

 I hope that I have been able to help, even if it was just a little bit.  Know that I am thinking about you and yours.  (((momma))

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Mar. 12, 2008 at 1:20 PM I know how you feel. My daughter is 6 and in Kidergarten but we put her in pre k and 3 year old preschool. her big problem was friends. She want to talk and play, she is a social butterfly too. We thought everything was good. she wasn't getting anything sent home, I picked her up everyday and teachers never said a word. Till one day I came early and herd the teacher yelling at her. I took her out immediatly. I took her home, she was crying, this is a christian school, she was telling me they told her if she goes out for Halloween she would burn in hell and that Santa wasn't real that Christmas was a holiday not made for fictional charecters. I then put her in a public school where she is flurishing. The teachers are great she is getting perfect grades. We now have her involved in Karate and ice skating and they seem to help as rewards for doing well. I hope that you get your son what he needs. But please dont rush him, he is still a child. Be patient you are a good mother with good intentions. I know you are doing the right thing, it just takes time

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