WOW! This show was amazing (minus the ridiculous George Michael dance scenes). It had two issues very near and dear to my heart, one that I experience on a daily basis and one that I have never but enjoy raising awareness about and count myself lucky to have escaped.

1) My husband has a 3 mm (exact size of the one in Eli Stone's head), unruptured aneurysm in his brain. It is also buried deep. He is a candidate for surgery but we are afraid to do this in case something goes wrong.

2) In this episode he represented a woman who believed her son's autism spectrum disorder was caused by a vaccine preservative, "mercuratol" (ha ha thimerosal anyone?). and he won his case. The interesting part was that the executive requested that his own child get a different brand of vaccine.

This show depicted a man changed by these two circumstances in his life and he became aware. He wanted to do good and be good and... figure out his life's meaning. I can totally relate to this because after my personal connection to these two issues, and after meeting someone who helped guide my way (as he did with the Chinese acupuncturist), I found myself. I found myself and this helped me to be a better mom, wife, friend, and person. This show was meant for me to watch it, I can tell. This is one of the more obvious gifts and revelations to me. In any case, I highly recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for yesterday ( I will post today later on, maybe tonight)

1. I am thankful for  the presidential debate... Am I any closer to picking between Barack and Hillary? Not really. But it did get accomplished that a Barack/Hillary ticket is not completely out of the question and for this, I am thankful. I think they would make the most amazing team. It would just be a question of who would be president and who would be vice president, lol.

2. I am thankful for not having to be on the phone for all the hours of training yesterday because the little joy that is my son had not slept well the night before, my husband was tired, and he needed some help with the ensuing tantrums.

3. I am thankful for my sister who always provides me with a good laugh and a pain behind my eye every once in awhile. Makes me remember I am alive lol.

4. I am thankful for the internet. What the hell would we do?

5. I am thankful for TV execs who had the balls to stand up to the AMA, AAP, and whatever other initials were vying for the cancellation of Eli Stone. I hope it got good ratings and will keep on.


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