I got a request for an update so here it is......but there's really not much to it. In court Reagan's sister went to her great Aunt. Poor woman is almost 70 and she never wanted her own kids but now she's raising the 3rd generation of nieces. She's really a nice lady, but a push over. She does not stand up for herself or understand the concept of considering her own needs and her rights in her own home.

 What I did find out last weekend was that Reagan's mother said she never knew she was pregnant. The aunt told her she thought she was, and the mother denied it. She had zero prenatal care and did drugs the entire pregnancy. God himself must have sheltered Reagan, because she is as healthy as a baby can be.

Mom got put in jail at the court date shortly after I left. It was for a show cause, for not going to the court appointed rehabs and parenting assessment. She should be there 90 days or until she finishes her court ordered rehab, parenting assessment, and GED. She was ordered out of her aunts home immediately and the aunt was told not to let her back in, no matter what.

So last weekend I went to the Aunts house and took the baby for a visit. Her home was nice, I'd say even nicer than mine. Mila came with me and we both played with the sister, Sierra. She was sweet and funny, and Mila really liked playing with her. They laughed a lot. For the first hour a Casa worker was there with me. While she was there these 3 really thug looking guys showed up. Now I am not one to judge, but these guys were bad news. They just walked in without knocking, walked right past us and never said anything to us. 2 of them had half empty containers of beer with them at about 2:30 on a Saturday. They were talking really loud and cussing, went and hung out in the kitchen. The aunt looked a little worried but didn't introduce them or explain or anything. Everyone has a right to live how they see fit, but with the casa worker being there it was just not good timing. The Casa worker left at around 3 and I stayed until 4. For a while the 3 guys went to a back bedroom for a few minutes and then came back into the kitchen. They were so loud that the aunt and I could not hear each other talking, so we just didn't talk. She just held the baby. Now my own family can be pretty loud too when you geta  few of us together, but as I said, with the Casa worker there, it just didn't look good. I waited for a cousin to come visit also with her son, and then left. The 3 guys left a few minutes before me.

When we left Mila thought we were going to leave the baby there, and she started to cry, and said, "I want to keep the baby!" and the aunt looked sad. She said to Mila, "Maybe you will." Then when we were going out to the car Sierra started to cry because she didn't want us to go. I suspect people don't usually play with her. Her aunt said she just doesn't have what it takes to chase a 2-year-old around.

The Casa worker called a couple days later to ask me what I thought about the guys who showed up and to see how the rest of the visit had gone. She said she would at least bring up the incident with one of the workers, though she was not judging the way this family lived, but she was worried about men coming and going as they pleased, obviously intoxicated, around Sierra.

I doubt there will be any change anytime soon. I doubt Regan's mom will get her act together but you never know. I doubt Sierra will join our family, but then again, you never do know. So for now we are just enjoying Reagan and loving her, and showering her with attention. She is like family already and I cannot imagine loosing her, but we are just cherishing the time we have with her now, enjoying watching her grow, and hoping the very best for her, which we think is to remain in our family. But that's not up to us.

I'll keep you updated of course, if anything new happens. Until then, we're just madly in love with our new baby. :-) Mila is also very happy, and loves to show off the baby. She is always saying, "Look Mommy, isn't she perfect? Isn't she so cute?" :-) That always makes my day! 


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:33 AM That is so sad what happened while the case worker was there and uncalled for. I am glad everything is going good still. That is so sweet of your daughter I bet she is a big help. I hope you get to keep her that will tear her up and all of yall but for her it would be extra hard maybe who knows. She is a great big sis!!!

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