Well a while back I had talked about Riley getting evaluated because he was almost 2 and not speaking at all. I have really been hiding my feelings about this around friends and family, especially my hubby. It really worries me though. It also hurts me. I just want him to say mom and know that mom is me. Why does that hurt me so much? I know he loves me. His actions show me that.
Anyway, he has never responded when I call his name but, this morning he was playing with my chapstick and I called his name and he looked straight at me and without saying "can I have that" he handed it right to me. I know your thinking I'm crazy but, seriously, this is a big step for Riley. I really wondered if he even knew that Riley was his name. It is so hard not knowng what he wants or needs all the time. Now, my mom swears that when she was here visiting he said "Hi" but, I have never heard that word come out of his mouth. My mom IS in a world of her own though....just kidding mom. LOL. I feel like this is my fault. I really should be trying harder. Through his therapy with the developemental therapist we have discovered that Riley really loves books. I hope that he continues to love them. I'm gonna start reading to him every night before bed. I know some of you would love to have a quiet child all the time but, I would give anything to hear the chatter of Riley's voice even if it is yelling at his siblings or, me, for that matter. The thought of him singing songs, asking for a drink or saying I'm hungry would be so wonderful. I wonder all the time if this mean that he is going to be delayed in school at all. Will he have learning disabilities? If so what can I do to help him? I know that this therapy is the right thing to do but, what else can I do? I know I need to (and have already) spend some more one on one time with him and, get him away from the television so much. I also want to get him in some kind of playgroup so he can interact with other kids his age. Problem is we don't have anything like that in our area. we don'y have a park district or anything. We do have a library though and I have to call them and see when there story time is. The used to have one on wednsday's for toddlers. I pray that I am over reacting about this and that he is gonna be fine and speaking up a storm one day.
Wow! I never chat this much...do I?! Well, Thank you for listening. If anyone has any suggestions for me please feel free to let me know.
Have a great day!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:45 AM my son was 2 in december and the youngest of 4. He didnt say mom until he was 2, he did say juice, and dada but that was all. He had no ear infections that we knew of, he is very happy and healthy for the most part. He started speech therapy 2x a week when he was 16 mo old. We were referred to and ENT when he was 22 mo old and again when he was 23 mo old and by this time he had had 2 really bad ear infections, so they did tubes in his ears. He says about 25 single words on his own and none together and will repeat alot of words but they dont sound like the are supposed to. I worry alot about him to. He now goes to an early intervention preschool for birth to 5 yr olds where he has interaction with other kids his age and 1 on 1 therapy with a speech therapist. 4 x a week. we just take it one day at a time here, and like you, we cant wait to hear him talk more esp. in 2 or 3 word sentences. good luck to you.   

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