It is Christian's first official SNOWDAY! It is on 8:45 and he and his Bro have been outside already and are dry. They love the snow! On days like this I am usually dressing and undressing ALL DAY LONG! But I do not mind. Especially when Daddy gets home this evening and we all go out together and make an awesone snowman. Christian says we should use an orange for his nose this time. I can't wait. Here is a quick pic of them out this morning. There will more to come.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:13 AM Though my kids are all grown now (my 27 yo son is in the Army), they are all 5 years apart (smart? no! 10 years of babies, 10 years of grade school, 10 years of teens...etc.) and always pulled rank according to age. My daughter is the youngest and always the first to come in from the snow. I would spend 10 minutes arguing with her as I undressed her and put all her wet clothes into the dryer, walk up two sets of stairs to her room and dress her in warm clothes. As I was otherwise occupied, my middle son would come in, throw her clothes out of the dryer, put his into the dryer and go to his room to change. Finally, my oldest would come in and, you guessed it, throw the clothes out of the dryer, put his into it and go to his room to dress in dry clothes. When I would go to check on my daughter's wet clothes I would find the laundry room floor full of wet clothes and my oldest one was the only one who ended up with dry clothes. Screaming and pulling my hair out, they would laugh (after all, Mom pulling her hair out IS funny) but never changed their ways. To this day, at 22, 27 and 32, and a grandson of 2, the scene repeats itself over and over, and they laugh until they nearly wet their pants. Some things never change....

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:37 PM

Wow, what a great pic, we don't get very much snow here.  My little one has never had a snow day. The last time we had any notable snow was in Jan 2003, while he was still in the "oven".  He sure does want some though. I don't know what he would wear because we don't even have snow boots and stuff. It's 68 degrees right now. Isn't that a contrast.


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 6:44 PM

Yeah, Ledesa we usually do not have this kind of snow either. Believe it or not, this is nothing compared to what I am used to. I am from Wyoming, I can remember having to snowmobile into school in the mornings because we couldn't get our vehicles out (school wasn't cancelled). That is the kind of snow I like. My kids don't really have clothes for it either, I just bundle them in layers and there they go. It makes me crazy the way a little bit of snow paralyzes this region. (The midwest)

I was just telling a co worker the other day that now a days kids compare cell phones at school, when I was a kid in Wyo. we compared snow gear! Every day for 10 winters I ran straight to the slopes from school. It was within walking distance of school. My mom didn't pay a babysitter, she bought a ski pass.

I wish I was raising my kids out there, but my husband hates the cold. I guess the midwest is a good compromise. We get a little bit of everything here.


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