Another snow day for the girls.  :)

 We are going to bake cookies.  Need to clean up the kitchen anyways! LOL!   Megan is feeling great.  Kara is glad there is no school.   

I did not answer the phone @ 4:23 am when the hospital called looking for help.    First I have it written NOT to call me that  early b/c I cannot call for a sitter then.......and they woke up Megan.  So I was NOT going in for sure then!     And now that I work nights, I'll help nights before I help days.   Sorry, loyalty goes a long ways.  :)))  And I work EVERY weekend, so why would I want to work on Friday too?  I don't see any of them working EVERY weekend.......

 We are suppose to get 8"+ of snow today.  It better start snowing harder than this if that is true.  I am praying for at least 10" or more!   :)

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