Well Im feeling pretty crappy lately when it comes to fitting in my clothes. I walk around constantly with my pants unbuttoned. Its not that my tummy is THAT big already. So I have been attempting to wear maternity clothes. Which the pants look rediculous if you dont have a long enough shirt, and the shirts make me look fat. I just look like I have no tummy what-so-ever in maternity shirts, and im tired of wearing the same damn thing [because I only fit into certain things now]. On top of that, I have my doctors appt tomorrow, which I am nervous as all hell! I hate blood work & I hope I dont pass out!

Wish me luck everyone on both situations.

xox whitt

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:23 AM I wore some cute baby doll maternity tops right from the beginning. It doesnt matter if you NEED them yet or not,  they are super cute and very comfy.   My daughter is 18 months old and I still find myself putting one on.  LOL.  (just cuz they are cute).    Have fun with your clothes...............IT will make u feel much better.  I also wore a pair of  maternity jean  capris  during most of my pregnancy, they were my favorite pants.  hehe

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