Welp, im halfway there today! Its getting to be sooooo much more exciting as the days pass. I just cant believe that in about 4.5 months ill be holding my little baby boy!

This past friday I was in victorias secret, and someone asked me if I was excited. Well, I didnt quite catch on right away and replied "about what?". I mean hell, for all I know she coulda been talking about Labor day weekend. But anyways, Im sure that I completely scared the crap outta her. She was prolly thinking "oh god, shes not pregnant, shes just fat" Im sure she felt like an ass. Then she said "about your BABY!!"

I was so excited that someone noticed that I was pregnant, I still just feel fat & get weird looks. But that made me even more excited to know that I do look prego!!!! :]

Also, I have a 3D/4D u/s coming up on Nov 2nd! Ill be sure to upload the video and pictures when I get em!!

xox, Momma

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