For the first 4.5 months of this pregnancy, I have felt like CRAP! Always puking, getting sick if I didnt eat enough, etc... Well im finally to the point to where I feel GREAT! No more being sick and im not sleeping the whole day away like before.

Its amazing how you can be having such a horrible time and then out of no where, you feel this little kick in ur tummy and all a sudden you feel so much better. No matter how upset you are, or how pissed off you are, whenever your little one kicks, you cant help but to get the biggest smile on your face. It makes you realize that there are better things then spending your days being stressed or angry. You come to terms with the fact that this is supposed to be one of the best times in a mothers life. And I truly realize that this is something so special, that no one could ever replace the feelings that I have. And when I see Mike's face when he feels the baby kick too, the feelings and joys are irreplacable.

If it feels this great now, I cant imagine how it will feel when he's finally here! :]

xox, Momma

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