Okay so I have taken my second round of clomid and now on my 2ww. I noticed last month I started getting a little acne. This month they are huge pimples. The look like mountains on the side of my face (okay so may not be that big but I hate acne). Along with all the other complicated side affects does anyone else have this problem with clomid???

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:54 PM Bump:) Anyone?

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Feb. 25, 2008 at 1:26 PM You also may want to try Arbonne's Clear Advantage system.  Mommyofcutness in the Blemished Beauties group just ordered hers and has been using it with great results!!!  Here are her posts from that group...

From Feb 21st...
"So, I used the Arbonne Clear Advantage line last night and this morning. I really really like the smell. I love how minty it feels and it has a bit of a tingling feeling (i leave it on for about 30 seconds). I really like that the bottles are regular push the top down bottles instead of having to screw the top of it off. thats hard to do when you have liquid face wash in your hand! I also like that the face wash is foamy! i HATE it when i cant tell if i have fully got my face covered with wash, but the clear advantage foams and i can see right where it is. and you only need like almost a drop of it!
my skin feels really soft and it felt clean all day, even with my make up on!
so i really like the line so far, it's too early to tell if it is working as far as clearing everything up! but i will keep everyone updated, if anyone is even READING anything in here!!!!!!!!"


From Feb 23rd
"I really like it, i think it is really working so far. I have used it, 3-4 times and it seems to making my skin tone more even.
I am wondering, is it safe to use it 3 times a day. My skin stays really soft during the day, it hasn't been at all drying, but i feel like during the day, particularly in the afternoon, my skin feels just a little bit moist, kinda oily, but not.  i have wondered about just washing it away, but i dont want to WAY dry out my skin.
but yeah, so far i am really likeing the products. and like i have said a million times, i LOVE the smell!!!!!"

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...for more information go to www.kristenstemple.myarbonne.com and to purchase, click on "shop online".  It really does work!


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