It all keeps getting more and more exciting! I cant believe that I only have 97 more days until my little man is here! Yea, I see myself getting fatter in the mirror, and I see the scale keep jumping higher and higher, but I guess I never sat down and realized that its coming sooner than I thought.

A lady that I know just had her baby yesterday and shes only 2 weeks ahead of me! Her baby only weighed 2lb & 11oz & he was 3 months early! I guess that goes to show that babies are unpredictable. I just hope that little Mikey can hold off until he's healthy enough and ready.

Another thing, as bad as it sounds, I cant wait until my brother moves out of my house so I can start on the baby's room! Thats the best thing to keep occupied when waiting for your baby, and I havent even started yet!!!

More news to come later, xoxo Momma :]

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