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What would possess me to pack a sippy cup, animal crackers and the munchkin into the car and take all of us into downtown Wilmington, DE? Why, a chance to see Michelle Obama, that's what. This morning, Michelle Obama spoke at a rally at the Grand Opera House here in little ol' Wilmington and people (and the press) actually showed up. Now, our governor has already endorsed Hillary Clinton and honestly, I'm still not sure how many people know that 1) Delaware is having a primary next Tuesday or 2) that Delaware might actually have something to say in this crazy primary season but it was certainly exciting to be at a genuine political event in my own state. To get this kind of excitement usually means traveling to Philadelphia. The rally was opened up by a speech from a local campaign volunteer who is spending every waking hour at the Delaware for Obama headquarters at 12th and Orange (9th floor) and then there was this man who was introduced as a reverend and president of the AFL-CIO and he was very excited as well. Finally, they brought on Michelle and she gave a very nice speech about how far Barack has come since last February but how far he still has to go and she made the point several times that this primary season is about collecting delegates (meaning that Delaware can mean something, despite its small size). I only wish that a) Hubby wasn't out of town for the next week and b) that it wasn't so friggin' cold out so that I could do some real volunteering. I had to explain to no less than 3 people at the rally as well as a staffer on the phone last night that I have a 2-year old and I am her primary caregiver; unless there is something else they can think of for me to do that doesn't involved being outside canvassing or making phone calls (unless they want to the munchkin on the phone going "Hi Nina. Happy Feet"), I'm not that useful right now. The staffer I spoke to last night asked if I could help feed the volunteers, so I'm going to make a bean dip/salsa-type thing and bring it over tomorrow afternoon. At least I'm doing something....

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