Well its less than 47 days until this little one decides to pop out! It's getting really nerve wracking trying to have everything ready for him. I want it to all be perfect. Its getting pretty tough on me these days dealing with the bills and house cleaning. I can't even cook at the stove without almost setting my bump on fire! lol

But it's great to see how much Mike has changed over these past few months. He's is alot more attentive [he still needs some more work due to ADHD. lol] & I can really see now that he cant wait for January to get here either. He is so excited to be a daddy, and it makes it even better that we're having a boy. He just cant wait until those t-ball days and showing him how to pick up girls. I know he's gonna be such a great dad and I so look forward to watching them both grow. lol 

One thing that I wish I could change about these past few months is how much he has been working. He leaves at 6 AM and doesnt get home until around 6:30-7 PM. Its hard on me being home all day long, by myself. Granted I could go do things, but im just tooooo tired and grumpy to leave. So I spend my days alone, and then try to find time with Mike whenever possible. Thankfully, all the late nights will stop once Mikey is here. :]

Anyways, on the upside of things..We're all going to Grinchmas tomorrow!! [which partly sucks because I LOVE rollar coasters and cant go on them!] And then I have my 2nd baby shower coming up this Tuesday. Hopefully I get more things I need instead of things I already have. We'll see!

More to come later, Whitney

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