Hi,  girls I need a little advice or help if possible. This is very hard for me because I am about to let everyone in on some very personal info. I was a drug addict for 7 years and because of that I now have  a  felony record. I was in prison when I had my son. Thank GOD that I was still able to see him while there and I am happily building a relationship with him now. MY problem is that I currently work for my aunt at a pizza parlor in pasadena Maryland. I live in Baltimore city and I use public transportation. I actually travel more than I work. I only make 6.75 $ an hour and I am out very late when getting off work due to the bus schedules. While in prison I had a great opportunity to go to college and I earned a 2yr human services certificate. I also earned considerable data entry/administrative skills. I have tried very hard to get a better paying job that is closer to me with better hours. I have a lot of bills because of Parole fees and childcare. Ladies, I am truly a differnt person now. It took me a long time to get myself together, but I'm doing the "darn " thing. I have 3 yrs clean and have been home for almost a year. It may not seem like  a long time to you but to me it has been a life time. For the first time in my life I have found the divinty in myself and others and it is what keeps me going. If any of you knew me before you would see that this is it, I am finally free of the self inflicted torture I imposed on myself  for so long. Anyhow, my point in all of this is to ask, is there anyone out there who knows anyone who will take a chance on me. I am a quick study on things I don't know. I am eager to learn new things. I am punctual, proffessional and believe it or not I am very trustworthy. I am also a kind, caring person who believs in giving back what I have taken from society as a whole, and I never forget where I come from. If any of you know any places that hire ex-offenders  that are wiiling to pay me what I am truly worth or are employers yourselves, please e-mail me at (johnnieblaze08@yahoo.com). Thank you so much for listening.

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